8 weeks. Personalized.

Yoga and Therapeutic Immersion


What to expect:

  • 4 yoga and meditation classes per week for 2 months!
  • 8 hours of private sessions with John, (scheduling arranged upon sign up) for a specified daily practice, support on life goals, tools for healthy self-expression, and create a custom health and wellness strategy!
  • Feeling stronger in your body. You will gain strength through improved circulation, increased lung capacity, more efficient detoxification, and increase lean muscle.
  • Strengthen your nervous system for unshakable stillness.
  • Create a steady practice built for YOU that supports your interests and goals.
  • Our classes will be limited to a small group and will allow time for sharing and connection.
  • Learn ways to express yourself and to connect with your creativity through journaling and the arts.
  • Explore your purpose, mission, and what motivates you.
  • Deepen your understanding and direct experience of Chakra and energetic body education.
  • And more!


7:30 am yoga

Plus Private Sessions

(scheduling arranged post - registration)


7:30 am yoga


7:30 am yoga

6:30 pm yoga/meditation

What You Get:

32+ hours of yoga and meditation with our small group

8 hours of private consultation and coaching with John - 2 months of personal support!

All of the benefits of consistent yoga, movement and meditation practices that are tailored to your needs, expand your awareness, and support your health.


$800 - payment plans available upon request.


February 12 - April 4 2021

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Meet John.

I'm so excited to meet you! My hope is to create a space where you can be yourself and tap into your greatness.

Since 2000, I have studied a variety of approaches to creative expression and wellness for the achievement of self-exploration, stress reduction, and the regaining of personal power. These practices have included the visual and performing arts, a master's degree in Art Psychotherapy, two Yoga teacher programs, and holistic lifestyle coaching to promote physical and emotional health. My experience using art in hospitals with amputees, male and female veterans, and people living with cancer, dementia, and other challenging diagnoses has solidified my understanding of the power of the creative process.

I continue to learn, practice, and explore the wonders of various healing modalities. The power of creative expression, movement, and free choice continues to be instrumental in moving forward through challenge and change.



Q: Do I need to know how to do yoga?

Nope! Though we'll be moving and meditating, there is no experience necessary. In fact, we LOVE beginners! The only thing required is an open mind.

Q: What kind of yoga will we be practicing?

We will be integrating the practices of Hatha yoga (focusing on proper form in our posture) and Kriya Yoga. Kriya yoga allows us to strengthen our spine, support healthy glandular function, and build great strength. On a metaphysical level, moving through these practices can be helpful in connecting to a deeper well of truth in our lives and our essence! Each week, we'll practice a Kriya (a specific sequence of actions or exercises) that will support, for example, the lungs, adrenals, and core strength.

Q: I don't have time to attend the mid-week yoga classes. Is that OK?

Yes! That's totally fine. These classes are there for you to help build a consistent routine. Come join us when you can.

Q: This sounds cool, but what am I really getting out of this program?

Great question! Challenge in our lives, media and technology, and day-to-day happenings can leave us feeling disconnected and uninterested in the things that used to be fun. This program will create a space for you not only to learn outstanding wellness tools but also to engage in movement, breathing practices, and expressive tools so you can be the most radiant version of who you are. Perhaps you have always wanted to start a meditation practice or exercise more — with the help of our group, we will be here for each other to achieve these goals.

Q: Do I need a meditation cushion or yoga mat?

Although these things are helpful tools, we will discuss alternative things you can use in your home to help support you in your practice. .

About HeartWell House

HeartWell House is dedicated to providing you with an experience that supports your Empowerment, Connection to self and others, and Stillness. Our private coaching and therapy sessions allow one to delve deeper into this work, and our classes are light-hearted and impactful.